Open Throat

What Does It Mean To Sing With An Open Throat?

To sing with an open throat means to shape the vocal tract in order to achieve a maximal resonating space to create sound. To open one’s throat also means to release tension from the vocal mechanism in order to create space free of any obstacles.

What Body Parts Are Included?

  • The soft palate lifts
  • The pharynx widens
  • The larynx lowers
  • The articulators are positioned well

How Do you Sing With an Open Throat?

  • Proper Posture: The prerequisite for a free and open throat is a proper posture for singing. Develop a habit of aligning your body in a way that creates ideal conditions for singing.
  • Inner Smile: Creating a pleasant look on your face is one of the techniques that helps to create a resonating space. A pleasant look involves lifting of the zygomatic muscles.
  • Inhalation: When you inhale, your soft palate raises and your larynx lowers. This elongation of the tract creates a resonating space

Myths About an Open Throat

  • Wide Open Mouth:~ To sing with an open throat does not mean to open the mouth excessively. A very low jaw position creates undesirable tension in the vocal mechanism.
  • Yawning:~ Yawning can lead to an overextended jaw opening and retract tongue that pushes down on the larynx. This posture actually creates an unnatural sounding voice.
  • Tongue Placement:~ Moving tongue backwards in order to create space in the mouth does not achieve an open throat. Quite the opposite: the tongue base pushes down on the larynx and creates an obstacle in the vocal tract.
  • Exaggerated Facial Expressions:~ Trying to create an open throat through exaggerated facial expressions (such as a “surprised face”) is not a good technique. You don’t want to practice facial expressions that you would not use in public.


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