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Connect the BlackBerry 10 with your computer to sync its contents. BlackBerry Link is the official BlackBerry program to connect your BlackBerry device to your computer. It’s like the BlackBerry Desktop Software, but a special BlackBerry link manages all mobile objects and syncs photos, music, movies and all file types on your computer, via WIFI and USB. The BlackBerry link supports Windows Media Player and iTunes, enabling music synchronization (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);}); This BlackBerry 10 computer program also allows you to optimize your phone and update new software updates: BlackBerry Link warns that while the new version is also very useful for syncing content, the BlackBell Link is the same for transferring ‘all content from the old BlackBerry to Blackberry’ new 10. It’s new. The link actually has a modern design, which is similar to the BlackBerry Flow UI interface 10. Internet use is very easy thanks to the use of tabs and layout features. To move items from your mobile device to your computer and back, just Link Drag is a newer version of BlackBerry Desktop Software, a more refined and practical. However, keep in mind that it only works on BlackBerry 10.

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